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About Us

Dr. Dale Ellwein has been in practice since 1991 when he graduated from Life Chiropractic College-West the San Francisco Bay Area. He worked for a time in Hollywood serving top-tier musicians with natural health care.

After, he made the move to the Glendale area about 20 years ago and opened Standing Tall Chiropractic in 2007. We welcome all ages of patients, from newborns whose parents are taking them home from the hospital to senior citizens who want to make the most of their retirement.

Supporting Your Physical and Mental Well-being

When it came time to choose a name for his new practice, Dr. Dale looked to the results he wished to achieve with his patients. As his patients, spine and nervous system became healthier, they would stand taller. Most new patients would come into the office to start care with their spines locked up and their posture slumped. This would usually translate into a defeated and down emotional state. As they went through the chiropractic care, and did the exercises prescribed, they would stand taller. This improved posture, standing tall, and unlocking of the spine would allow more confidence and feeling of empowerment. With Standing Tall, you’ll have the ability to be your most proud, optimistic, and confident self, so you can more easily live the life you want to live.


Witnessing the Miracles of Chiropractic Care

We’ve been fortunate to see many miracles happen at our chiropractic care center. People often come to us as a last resort and have finally seen results. Some have come in with daily migraines for years. They’d tried all of the drugs and everything medicine had to offer, and still they suffered.

Some had even tried other chiropractors, but when they became patients at our office, they finally got the results they wanted. They became pain-free and never had to take meds again.

A musician with hand problems was on the verge of having to quit music. He’d been to the medical doctor and they offered him a cortisone injection. He walked out and found us. Now his hands are working perfectly and he has continued his music career, becoming a world-class composer. A senior citizen who used to walk with a cane now travels 90 minutes each way to see Dr. Dale because of the incredible recovery he’s made.

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A Personal Chiropractic Story

Photo of Dr. Dale Ellwein and his family. Perhaps one of the most impactful successes Dr. Dale has witnessed is that of his daughter. He and his wife Barbara had planned a home birth, but it did not go as planned. When labor stopped, they made the decision to go to the hospital. The doctor tried suction, repositioning and more before resorting to a C-section, which also had complications. After their baby was finally born, she went straight to the intensive care unit for IVs and a nose tube.

“When will we be able to spend time with the baby?” they asked the nurse. Their answer was that when she stabilized. Dr. Dale found an opportunity to examine his daughter’s spine and found a subluxation. He removed it gently, and within 30 minutes, she was moved from initial intensive care to regular care. There, she had a feeding tube, and Dr. Dale asked when it would be removed. “When she can feed on her own,” they told him.

Again, he felt along her spine and applied a soft touch to a misalignment. A short time later, the feeding tube was out. She was able to breastfeed, and she made a full recovery. The saddest part about all of this was that there were so many babies in that intensive care unit that he could not help, because they did not understand the power of the chiropractic adjustment in restoring health.

Now, Dr. Dale has a passion for restoring children’s health, allowing their nervous system to express a full potential for life.

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